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Captain James W. Bryan Camp 1390 will meet
from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, April 14, at Logan’s
Roadhouse, 3509 Gerstner Memorial Blvd. (Hwy. 14),
Lake Charles, La. Our program will be presented by
Compatriot Travis Lanier on his Confederate
Ancestor. Please attend and enjoy great food and
Confederate fellowship.
2015 Capt. J. W. Bryan Meeting Dates & Location
(Please mark these dates on your calendar.)
Apr. 14 --Logan’s Roadhouse – Lake Charles
May 12 --Joe’s Italian Restaurant – Sulphur
June 9 --Logan’s Roadhouse – Lake Charles
July 14 --Joe’s Italian Restaurant – Sulphur
Aug. 11--Logan’s Roadhouse – Lake Charles
Sept. 8 --Joe’s Italian Restaurant – Sulphur
Oct. 13 -Logan’s Roadhouse – Lake Charles
Nov.10 -Joe’s Italian Restaurant – Sulphur
Dec. 8- Annual Christmas Party (TBA)

The Sons of Confederate Veterans will host a
national Confederate Heritage Rally at 1 p.m.
Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the Confederate Monument
in front of the Caddo Parish Court House in
Shreveport. Let’s have a big turnout from Captain
James W. Bryan Camp. For details check out the web
site at

Finding Your Way Home

Commander Column April, 2015


Dr. Andy Buckley, cmdr.

Bid Farwell to Ben Lyons, Jr. Longtime SCV
Ben Lyons, Jr. age 92 longtime SCV Captain James W.
Bryan member passed away Saturday, March 21 in a
Groves Texas care facility. Ben was a native of DeQuincy
and a resident of Sulphur for most of his adult life. He
and my Dad, Andrew J. Buckley, Jr. were ordained
deacons in the First Baptist Church Sulphur in 1954. Ben
was proud of his Confederate ancestor, our beloved
Southland, and his family. His son Rev. Ben Lyons III is
an active member of our camp. It was an honor and a
privilege to preach Ben’s memorial service. He was a
servant of Christ and a great patriot. Although Ben had
been unable attend meetings for the past decade, due to
his failing health, we will miss him.
Enlistment of New Members Keeps Our Camp
Several weeks ago Luke Dartez forwarded me the
Louisiana Divisional report. If I remember correctly the
Captain James W. Bryan Camp is now the second largest
in Louisiana with 50 members. We have received five
new members in recent weeks: Ed Sherwood, Robert
Couch, Jessie Harrell, Don Lavender, and Daniel Britain
Briggs. But we have lost two longtime members to death,
Olan Bunch and Ben Lyons. Dr. Charles White, Jack
Crist, and Evan Ellis were dropped from our roster in
January. We need to replace these five former members. I
would challenge every member of the Captain James W.
Bryan Camp to consider bringing a friend, a family
member, or a potential new member to our next meeting,
Tuesday, April 14 at Logan’s Roadhouse. It might be
your next door neighbor, a friend or fellow church
member, or a relative. Our monthly meetings represents a
great opportunity to recruit potential new members.
Captain James W. Bryan History Medal Report.
To date seventeen high schools are participating in our
U.S. History medal program. Listed below are the students
who will receive our first history medal and certificate.
Several schools have requested we give two medals, one for
regular history and a second for Advanced Placement
history, so we’ll actually be awarding 20 medals. If you
pledged to contribute toward the purchase of a medal for
your favorite high school, please send a check for $12.00 to
Luke Dartez as soon as possible.
1. Johnson Bayou High School: Haleigh Jinks.
2. Grand Lake High School: Emily Lemoine.
3. Vinton High School: Mohamed Alikhan
4. De Quincy High School: Destiny Mock
5. LaGrange Senior High School: Dalen Simien – AP history
and John Peters – Regular history
6. Washington Marion High School: Denasia Fontenot
7. Sam Houston High School: Logan Olsen
8. South Beauregard High School: Nicholas Puzon
9. DeRidder High School: John Thomas Stewart
11. Bell City High School: Richard Curtis Broussard
12. Sulphur High School: Aaron Pena-Regular history; AP
history (TBA)
13. Starks High School: Caleb Seneca- Regular history;
Ashton Says- AP US History
14. Hackberry High School: Sarah Elizabeth Lyons
15. Saint Louis Catholic High School: Josephine Hawkins
16. Barbe High School: Alec McGee
17. East Beauregard High School, Bailey Payne.
Upcoming Speakers and Programs.
     April 14, Logan’s Roadhouse: Travis Lanier will speak on
his Confederate Ancestor.
     May 12, Joe’s Italian Restaurant: Charles Richardson will
speak on Governor Francis T. Nichols.
     June 9, Logan’s Road House, Dr. Andy Buckley will speak
on Confederate Crackers and Cavaliers.
     July 14, Joe’s Italian Restaurant local educator Robin
Semple will speak on engineers in the War.
We Need Your Presence for Two Important
This spring will be a busy time for our camp. We need
all the members of our Captain James W. Bryan Camp to be
present for commemorating the Battle of Pleasant Hill April
12-13 – This annual event recreating the battles of Mansfield
and Pleasant Hill and the Spring Festival at Niblett's Bluff
Park April 18-19 in Vinton. Please help us, we are counting
on you to make these events a great success.
I Laughed At This One.
     Not wanting to leave the confessional
unattended, a Catholic priest called his rabbi friend
from across the street and asked him to cover for
him. The rabbi told him he wouldn't know what to
say, but the priest told him to come on over and
he'd show him what to do. The rabbi comes and he
and the priest are in the confessional. In a few
minutes a woman comes in and says "Father
forgive me for I have sinned. I lied." Priest says:
"How many times?" Woman: "Three times." Priest
says, "Say three Hail Marys, put $5.00 in the box,
and sin no more."
     A few minutes later a man enters the
confessional. He says, "Father forgive me for I have
sinned." Priest says, "What did you do?" Man says,
"I stole." Priest asks, "How many times?" Man
replies, "Three times." Priest says, "Say three Hail
Marys, put $5.00 in the box, and sin no more."
The Rabbi tells the priest that he thinks he's got
it so the priest leaves. A few minutes later another
woman enters and says, "Father forgive me for I
have sinned." Rabbi says, "What did you do?"
Woman replies, "I committed adultery." Rabbi
asks, "How many times?" Woman says "Once."
Rabbi says, "Go do it two more times, we have a
special this week, three for $5.00."
Yours in Our Great Cause,
Dr. Andy Buckley Commander

     Captain Bryan camp is planning to have
recruiting and informational tables at two
Confederate History Month events in April. First,
will be the largest historical reenactment in
Louisiana, the Battle of Pleasant Hill on the actual
battlefield the weekend of April 11 & 12, three
miles north of Pleasant Hill at 23271 Hwy. 175,
Pelican, La.
SATURDAY – April 11, 2015
6-10 a.m., Breakfast at American Legion Hall.
10 a.m., Parade in Downtown Pleasant Hill.
11 a.m., Battle Re-Enactment in town.
2 p.m., Main Battle Re-Enactment.
7 p.m., Period Ball and Court Presentation.
SUNDAY – April 12, 2015.
6-10 a.m., Breakfast at the American Legion Hall
10 a.m.-Noon, Open Camp Activities.
10 a.m. – Church Services (open to all)
After Church, Mail Call.
2 p.m., Battle Reenactment.
     Please consider volunteering at our recruiting and
information table for whatever time you can spare. We’ll
discuss this more at the March meeting.
     Second, Captain Bryan Camp will have a recruiting
and information table at the annual Spring Fling at
Niblett’s Bluff Park, April 18 and 19. There will be plenty
of fun, food and entertainment during the weekend.
Plans are also being made to have either a War For
Southern Independence living history or reenactment.
Please come to the March meeting for more information
on this important event for our camp.

     It is once again time to join together for our Louisiana
Division Reunion.
     This year we will meet in Monroe on May 23. We are
going to meet at the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel which is
a new facility.
     The Division Executive Council meeting will be on
the night of the 22nd at the same facility at which all are
welcome to attend.
     The hotel has a block of rooms set aside for the Sons
of Confederate Veterans with a room rate of $119 per
night for a king or queen double room. The phone
number for the hotel is 318-388-0034 for reservations.
Ask for the Sons of Confederate Veterans rate.
     I hope that you will all attend. I also ask that you will
attend the awards banquet on the night of the
23rd beginning at 6:00 P.M. The meal will be catered by
Kayla's Kitchen from West Monroe. The buffet style
meal will consist of: brisket or pulled pork, twice baked
potatoes, green beans, and corn casserole. For desert
there is peach cobbler. Tea to drink or water.
     Our speaker that night will be Ronnie Kennedy
speaking on "Our past and our future." I feel sure that
you will want to be there as Ronnie is always interesting
and entertaining.
     Please fill out the registration form included in this
issue as soon as possible so that I can have a reasonable
count on those expected to attend.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there.
Thomas E Taylor
Commander, Louisiana Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

     The opinion column by Charles Dean of the
Huntsville (Alabama) Times is dated April 1, 2015, but
it is not an April Fool's joke. The fool is Mr.
Dean. This man's attack on the symbol under which
our ancestor's fought and died is as hateful as it is
     I suggest that each of us send Mr. Dean an e-mail
(, and let him now that he, not us, is the
one guilty of bigotry here. Please compose your letters
to him as gentlemen of a great tradition, taking the high
road in the way of General Lee.
Chief of Heritage Operations Ben Jones' letter:
Mr. Dean,
     You are practicing what serious historians call
"presentism", i.e., assuming that folks who lived
150 years ago can be judged in a modern context. And
apparently you have not read Mr. Lincoln's First
Inaugural, where he said that he had no desire to end
slavery in the South. He said in that address that it was
Constitutionally protected.
     He also said he supported the Corwin Amendment,
which would re-enforce that position.
     Apparently too, you have not read his letter to
Horace Greeley written well into the second year of the
War, when he said that if he could preserve the Union
with slavery, that would be fine.
     And you have forgotten that slavery was not the
Southern sin, but the National sin. For the cotton, and
most of the profits went North. Read "Complicity" or
"The Half Has Not Been Told."
     I hear the sound of jerking knees, Mr. Dean. Do
your homework. Read the full history of slavery in this
     Accept that our nation's Capital is named after
Virginia's biggest slaver, whose picture is probably in
your wallet.
     Accept that our Declaration of Independence was
written by another slaver, and that the "Father of our
Constitution" and the force behind our Bill of Rights
also bought and sold human beings.
     Understand that they were of the previous
generation of Southern leadership, and were of the
same mind as their sons and grandsons.
     Your sophomoric simplification of a very complex
issue is terribly amateurish, and is an insult to the 70
million Americans whose ancestors took up arms for
the Southern Cause.
Ben Jones
Washington, Virginia

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